The Columbus Community Bill of Rights

Columbus Residents are working to ensure safe drinking water, clean air, and safe soil in the City of Columbus.


Columbus City Council Announces 12,134 valid signatures collected for the Columbus Community Bill of Rights

Columbus, Ohio, July 9, 2018

12,134 valid signatures announced for the Columbus City ordinance to get the Columbus Community Bill of Rights on the November 2018 ballot- well more than the 9,000 required.

Safe Water for Our Kids - Columbus - No Place for Frack Waste!

Bill Lyons speaks to the Columbus City Council about our community's support for the Columbus Community Bill of Rights

Read Bill's full speech here.

Submitting over 18,500 signatures for CCBOR

Columbus, Ohio, June 26, 2018

Over 18,500 Columbus Ohio Citizens' signatures were turned in to the Franklin County Board of Elections in support of the Columbus Community Bill of Rights City of Columbus ordinance, to be on the November, 2018 ballot. Safe Water for Our Kids - Columbus - No Place for Frack Waste!

Speaker: Carolyn Harding

Speaker: Sandy Bolzenius

Speaker: Bill Lyons

Speaker: Greg Pace

Speaker: Bob Krasen

Protest of Jon Husted 9/2/15 Columbus Ohio

In front of The Athletic Club where Husted was speaking

Skype presentation and interview with Mark Z. Jacobson, PhD

April 27, 2015

Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Atmosphere/Energy Program; Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment; Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy; and cofounder of The Solutions Project, discusses how it is possible to change the energy infrastructure of the 50 United States from fossil fuels to wind, water and sunlight. This presentation covers technical and economic plans including resource availability, job creation, energy costs, environmental and climate savings, and methods of ensuring reliability of the grid.

The US Can Transition to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy - Starting Today

Tish O’Dell, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

February 23, 2015

Ohio organizer; Co-founder of MADION (Mothers Against Drilling in Our Neighborhoods), 2012 successfully passed Bill of Rights in the City of Broadview Heights, OH

Julie Weatherington-Rice, PhD, Geologist, hydrogeologist & soil scientist

January 26, 2015

ALEC and the Oil & Gas Industry v. Source Water Protection & Home Rule in Ohio:
How we got where we are, and what we can do about it.

We're All Downstream

This video shows the Columbus Area watershed and how the 13+ toxic frack waste injection wells have access to the Columbus, Ohio Water supply. We are All Downstream! Sign the Petition to protect Columbus Water, Air, Soil and Our Community's Right to do so. Find locations to sign on our events page. Help us get the 9,000 signatures needed to put this on the November 2018 ballot!